Sound Pool

In response to a competition from Havas, called Together We Cannes, I created Sound Pool – a project for which I was shortlisted as one of the final ten in the competition.


“Show us that collaboration fuels creativity. This can be anything from an idea to a short film, from an app to a sculpture, from a podcast to a poem – and anything in between.”


Using the power of data, I discovered a unique way of giving people a new form of identity. By using fingerprint data, I was able to generate a piece of music, a ‘sound’, that’s specific and unique to each individual. I called this a Sonified ID. Bringing these sounds together, we can create a beautiful, shareable harmony of sounds. I called this a Sound Pool.

In order to expand my idea further, I have thought about other applications for how Sound Pool could be used.



By using a sound or piece of music to identify with, the customer will feel less exposed by sharing their data in this way – and so could be a good way to combat peoples trepidation of exposing their data for security.

Sharing your voice

Sound Pool could act as a different way of ‘sharing’ and ‘liking’. A way to add your support and a voice to various groups or causes.

The new dating app

With your Sonified ID being your audio footprint, you could upload your sound to an app and find your perfect match based on the compatibility of your sound.