“Get the sci-fi audience to love the Syfy brand for being the most passionate home for sci-fi”

The Challenge

Brief: To connect the Syfy channel with the 16-35 year audience without using references to their programmes.

Insight: Spotify’s main engagement is from the market of 16-35 year olds. Leonard Nimoy (Spock) died during the same week of the making of this project with people across the world making their own tributes to the Star Trek icon.

The Solution

To link Syfy with the music world with a partnership with Spotify, a brand that is already targeting the 16-25 year audience successfully. This new partnership would bring the arrival of an extension app called ‘Spockify’.

The new Spockify extension would allow both Spotify and Syfy fans to connect with one another through common interests. Working with famous musicians, Spockify would encourage artists who are ‘secret Syfy fans’, to create Syfy remixes and original works that would be hidden to the rest of the music world. This introduces an exclusivity to the Spockify app, creating a strong bond between those ‘in the know’. In order to advertise this app, there would be secret pop-up Spockifests with musicians performing their Syfy tracks, ambient audio billboards in cities and social media clues.


Change is the essential process of all existence


Leonard Simon Nimoy

Mr Spock