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Creative Escapes


Creative Escapes

Creative Escapes was mine and my creative partner's Final Major Project for university. It involved turning our CV into a holiday proposition. The idea revolved around a personal brand that showcased our projects and offering as holiday features. We created a website and a suitcase to give to potential employers. The suitcase contained a travel brochure, travel vouchers, tea and coffee coupons and our business card.

This project was extremely fun to create and allowed us to think outside the box about who we were as a team. We built the suitcase from scratch, created the brochures ourselves, using a tripod for the photography and every other single detail we created as a team. To explore the brochure, download it below.

Creative Escapes Brochure

Take a look at the Creative Escapes brochure and find yourself in the wonderful world of LittleNicholls

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