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I've worked on Citi for two campaigns – 2019 and 2020. Both were for their graduate and student audiences. And both were about showing Citi in a different light, sharing their sustainable and innovative projects, highlighting their inspiring people and telling talent about the progress they could make at Citi.

2019 campaign

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That's Progress

Our 2019 campaign was called 'That's Progress'. It was all about thinking about progress in a different way, exploring the big moments in a student's or graduate's life. It was about telling a story, relating to our audience and being humble in our approach.

2020 campaign

What's Next?

Our 2020 campaign for Citi was all about building on our 2019 campaign but making it work for life in a pandemic. We decided on calling it 'What's Next?' hinting towards our global situation, while pointing toward the uncertain future of a graduate. This was a call to arms to be the next big thing at Citi. And with campuses out of action, we took the campaign virtual.

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Virtual events

Download the pdf of virtual event ideas for the 2020 'What's Next?' campaign.

2019 pdf

Our 2019 campaign was a big success. Read all about the ins and outs of how we made it work and what the results said about the work.

2020 pdf

Get to know our 2020 campaign inside out. With a global pandemic to contend with, it was no ordinary year – especially for on-campus advertising.

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