Although EY has only been a client since May 2020, I've been able to work on two big projects that have been both exciting and groundbreaking, not only due to the pandemic, but due to the work of an incredible team and the backing of a great client.

Student opportunities

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Project You

I worked on an early careers campaign for EY that was called Project You. This campaign revolved around EY's EVP 'it's yours to build' and was all about personalisation. I created an AR experience with my team, a brochure and social content.

Project You AR Experience

Take a look at the EY early careers Project You AR Experience. Created with the 2020 lockdown in mind, it lets students turn their four walls into their own personal EY experience. And it tells them where their strengths lie, based on their answers to some simple questions. In short, it's an AR experience that's theirs to build.


Experienced hire

EY Experiences

EY Experiences is the experienced hire campaign I worked on in 2020. The campaign revolved around a film that sums up everything EY offers its candidates. We then created assets such as Instagram Stories, podcasts, social videos and Facebook posts.

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Student brochure

The brochure we created for the EY grad audience is both practical and creative.

Professional playbook

This playbook for experienced professionals is aimed at hiring managers so they can target the right people in the right way.