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As a side project, myself and a colleague decided to campaign against plastic waste. Passionate about the environment, we both felt we could use our creative resources to do good. With fresh and fun ideas on how to reduce plastic waste, informative schemes that raise awareness and innovative gamification ideas that target people in their own environments, we set about tackling plastic.

Plastic World

Discover what our plastic world has already become and how we can reverse the damage.


Plastic Apocalypse

Plastic Apocalypse started as an idea for a game that would take you through a world on the brink of self destruction. With the help of the user, the world can be saved from our plastic obsession. We then decided that this could be a good idea for a TV series that targets people through a unique and intriguing script. This gets our idea into homes and fresh in people's minds.

Screenshot 2020-11-15 at 11.48.01.png
Screenshot 2020-11-15 at 11.48.51.png

You are what you eat

Research tells us that most humans probably already have plastic in their systems. A study showed that no matter whether the person ate seafood or were a vegan, plastic was there. We wanted to make this known. To bring it into the limelight and show that this is a problem that effects everyone.


Takeaway Facts

Find out more about the plastic problem with this takeaway fact sheet.

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